Blog October 18, 2022

On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

Why it’s time to break your hard drives into a million little pieces.

If not handled correctly, confidential information on end-of-life hard drives can pose a serious liability to your business.

Information theft is a prominent concern for businesses, both large and small. Hard drives are the epicenter of sensitive, private data that includes information on your company, employees and customers, so addressing security measures around this data is vital.

How do you alleviate risk and have 100% assurance that your data will not be recovered?

Physically destroying information is the #1 method. Here’s Why.

Heavy-Duty machines are used to shatter devices into small particles obliterating the disk that resides deep within the hard drive. It’s a definitive way to protect private data such as social security numbers, credit cards and tax information from ever being retrieved.

Top 4 reasons why on-site hard-drive shredding is your foolproof answer:

  1. Verified Destruction
    On-site hard drive shredding is done on your company’s premises. You can witness the entire destruction process in person, assuring you that your data is no longer salvageable. This avoids any chance of a security breach that can lead to hefty fines, lawsuits or a hit to your company’s reputation.
  2. Eliminates Liability
    By law, you are required to follow the correct procedures to protect your customer’s personal data. A destruction service will provide a certificate of destruction, a paper trial verifying you took the necessary steps to delete the entire existence of this data. You will also need to to verify your hard drives are shredded using NIST 800-88, Rev. 1, NSA, DoD guidelines.
  3. Eco-Friendly
    Hard drive scraps are recycled. This environmental approach means they will not end up in a landfill. A professional company will follow the strict regulations set out under the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure the shredded waste is correctly and safely recycled.
  4. Frees Up Storage Space
    Stockpiling hard drives at your place of business can take up a lot of valuable physical space. Not to mention leaving devices around makes them susceptible to theft or they could accidentally get thrown away with classified data that can be easily recovered.

Technology life cycles are getting shorter leading to an influx of outdated and unwanted data residing on devices. Addressing obsolete hard drives is a task that can’t be left unattended without major repercussions.

On-site hard drive shredding is an easy, cost-effective route, and is guaranteed to eradicate your confidential data. You will confidently know your company’s data is not at risk of being exposed.

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