Blog January 28, 2023

Excess IT Equipment? Benefit with IT Asset Remarketing.

Surplus IT equipment carry tremendous value. Your company can benefit financially by using IT Asset Remarketing.

Over the last several months, we’ve witnessed the shifts in business, whether it is the influx of layoffs across industries, downsizing of offices, relocation, or even in some cases, the unfortunate situation of a corporate liquidation. In any of these scenarios, it translates to a surplus of IT assets.

Did you know this equipment can carry tremendous value through IT Asset Remarketing? Your company can benefit financially by going this route and minimizing environmental impact.

If you haven’t thought about the extreme value of remarketing – you will soon. According to Globe News Wire – The Global IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Market was worth around USD 14.8 billion in 2021 and is predicted to grow to around USD 24.01 billion by 2028.

This billion-dollar growth is a combination of technology advancing and how organizations are changing their infrastructure frequently enough leading to outdated or irrelevant equipment sitting around. And the longer this valuable equipment sits, the more ROI is lost.

What is IT Asset Remarketing?

Asset remarketing refurbishes used equipment to resell at its highest market price point. ITAD disposition companies offer reliable, secure services to sell and market these items on your behalf to potential buyers so you can recoup as much money as possible from your original investment. These funds can improve an organization’s bottom line, fund upgraded electronics equipment or be applied to future infrastructure initiatives.

Examples of IT equipment that can be repurposed for a financial benefit.

  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • PC’s
  • Networking Hardware
  • Storage Drives
  • Monitors / Screens
  • Furniture

6 criteria that are a non-negotiable when sourcing an IT asset

  1. An expert in the IT asset industry with a deep understanding of the rapidly changing dynamics of the marketplace. Experienced ITAD companies immediately understand the potential value of your assets based on age and condition and are transparent about what equipment is not worth remarketing.
  2. Follows strict industry compliance rules and regulations and adhere to any guidelines outlined by your company. Data breaches are a serious cost to companies. An asset remarketing service will have a strict remarketing process in place so their information technology clients can feel confident that there is no room for any errors.
  3. Provide a clear, concise Statement of Work and an advanced inventory tracking system, along with a secure chain of custody and verified supply chains to manage all assets.
  4. To avoid any leakage or security concerns, a single-source vendor should be selected, where they can do the following – remove, package, ship, audit, test then advertise the equipment on behalf of the client.
  5. A multi-channel remarketing strategy that includes an extensive database of premier vendors/ dealers as well as exporters. This ensures multiple bids can be attained and the best offer selected for the client, offering maximum value on your technology assets.
  6. Your old equipment houses sensitive data – passwords, software, emails, company info, and customer information. Always partner with an IT asset disposition company who has secure processes for erasing data and can assure you your data security will not be compromised. Upon completion of data destruction, you should receive certificates of destruction encompassing the entire wiping process and verifying erasure indicating a secure disposal.

Having an ITAD remarketing plan and reliable vendor in place now will prepare you for the future and set your company up for success without the stress of deciding what to do with your decommissioned IT components in the 11th hour.

Selecting the right ITAD partner with a reputable, qualified background will mean you get the most revenue from these valuable IT assets.

Have questions about asset remarketing? Data Slayer is a certified, single-source vendor with a network of over 10,000 vetted asset buyers giving you the best ROI options available.

Looking for additional ITAD services? We help organizations with corporate liquidations, data center decommissioning and return to white space.