Get Your Data Center Back to Leasable Condition

Just like new after data destruction. Our priority is getting your data center space back to its original leasable condition. The expertise of our Data Slayer technicians and streamlined process make this transition seamless.

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What we do.


Site inspection

We determine the scope of your project and provide a competitive bid. We present a comprehensive project plan and timeline.


Inventory reconciliation audit

We compare the actual quantity of goods in stock with your financial records. Although counting all your stock items might sound overwhelming, with the right tools, an inventory audit can be efficient and valuable.


Decommission: servers, racks, systems, and cabling

We offer a wide range of decommissioning services for secure, streamlined and sustainable outcomes. We remove and replace raised floor tiling.


Fire suppression removal

Our highly-trained and qualified team will safely manage and follow a clear set of procedures for removing and decommissioning fire suppression systems.


Data shredding and sanitization with serialization

The shredding method is ideal for equipment that is well beyond its useful life and has no potential for re-use. Data sanitization refers to permanently and irreversibly removing data on an electronic device without destroying it.


We repair and paint all the walls.


We derack all hardware, remove cables (cable mining), and remove racks.


Pre-action control panel deactivation.


Tile replacement and/or cleaning (includes vacuuming subfloor).


Project completion!

Sign-off, and certifications provided

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